I am Marketing specialist focused on Digital Marketing and Advertising. I help companies to build their digital strategies, guide them through the digital transformation of their business and achieve their goals.

One of the characteristics that better describe my activities is the transparency with my customers. To do so I tailor my message for each costumer adapting my services to their needs and not trying to convince them to do something that they don´t really need. I try always to communicate with my customers adapting the language depending on their Marketing knowledge so they are able to understand and trust on me.

Just as David Ogilvy said:

«If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language». David Ogilvy.


The digital transformation has reached our lives disrupting the way we communicate, the way we work, the way we live and the way we consume products or services. The new generations and the new trends together with the new technologies have created a really different way of living.

I am really passionate about Digital Marketing and Advertising. What I really love and moves me is to understand the different ways of thinking in order to develop successful strategies and not only personalize the messages we transmit but also to personalize and find the best channels to reach each person targeted.

This evolution together with the amount of products and services available and also the change in the customers ways of consuming, has created an environment in which there are huge amount of data to analyze in order to understand their preferences.


I have many passions in my life apart from Marketing and understanding people´s way of thinking that is why I will try to keep it simple and describe only three of my favorite hobbies.

Traveling is the first of them. I love to know new cultures, places and people. I enjoy multicultural environments where I can learn the most from each culture. Living in Dublin was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

I also enjoy a lot with my second favorite hobby. Photography and videos. I love flying my drone in remote locations and always take home with me the best moments from my travels through my cameras.

New technologies is my third favorite hobby. I love to see how technology is improving and changing our lives. It is incredible what human is developing through AI, and IoT. It was impossible to believe ten years ago that a doctor in Singapore could perform a surgery 10.000 kilometers away with the help of robotics.

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#GoogleAds #GoogleAnalytics #Youtube #Remarketing #SEO #Webdesign #EmailMarketing #DigitalTransformation #CRM #SocialMedia #GraphicDesign #e-commerce #MobileMarketing #MarketResearch #Wordpress