As a Digital Marketing Advisor, I help non-profit organizations to develop their digital strategies in order to participate on their mission to help people who need it the most. Within these strategies I propose the use tools such as GoogleAds (with AdGrants), Google Analytics, YouTube and Social Media to reach their goals and find volunteers, new investors and raising funds.


Playing Spain is a different kind of CHARITY; they are the CHARITY OF SPORTS! Their mission is to start an educational project in Gambia and to do so, they rise funds by organizing events related to sports.

Playing Spain uses all the earnings to fund an educational project: YOU PLAY, EVERYBODY WINS.

The digital strategy is crucial in this project as the majority of their target are young people who practice sport and their parents. They promote a healthy life and at the same time improving the life of those in Gambia who didn´t have the opportunity to access education.


Fundación Ana de Paz is a non-profit organization created to help kids with cancer. This organization was funded to honor Ana de Paz who was a doctor specialized in cancer research. Her studies and her work helped lots of kids who were under this situation and her husband didn´t want it to stop after Ana died of cancer.